Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Your Ultimate Guide to Save Money Online

What are coupon sites?

Coupon sites are a platform for people to find discounts and deals. They offer customers the chance to save money on products across all sorts of different categories. The coupons are usually in the form of a link or code that can be redeemed on the site or in-store. The best coupon sites will also provide information about the latest discounts and deals so that customers can find them quickly and easily.

Do coupons work in Pakistan?

Yes, coupons work in Pakistan. With, you can find legit coupons for your favorite brands! Get access to all the best deals and promo codes that work!

How do coupon sites work?

Coupons are one of the main reasons why people shop. They help people save money by providing them with discounts when shopping at the store or shopping online. Coupon sites work with retailers to offer these coupons to their customers in exchange for some form of advertisement. This way, companies can get more attention and also more sales in the process.

How do I get free coupons?

It's simple! All you need to do is

  1. Visit the website
  2. Tap the search bar/icon
  3. Type the name of the brand you want coupons for
  4. Open the brand page on the site
  5. Copy the code of your choice
  6. Paste it at the 'apply coupons' section during check out
  7. And place the order. Voila!
  8. Don't forget to come back for more codes and deals for your next purchase. is at your service in finding the best way possible for you to save some money.

Are coupon websites legit?

There are a lot of coupon websites out there. Some are legit, but others aren't. Which ones can you count on to help you get the best deals? The answer is simple. Here at we work on finding the most legit and effective codes and deals for you. More than 3475 free coupons and discounts are updated daily so you don't have to be disappointed when a code doesn't work for you.

Do coupon sites make money?

Yes, we do. earns commission from our merchant partners every time someone uses our codes or links to make a purchase. When customers buy products with coupons, we make a profit. However, this cannot be done with all types of businesses. We also generate profit through advertising.

Where can I get free coupons in Pakistan?

Right here at Browse through our categories or search for what you need and take your pick of our coupons for products like clothes, laptops, air conditioners, food items, etc. We have more than 3475 free coupons and discounts for you to choose from and we add new coupons every day. So, if you're looking for the best deals and offers, we're your one-stop destination!

How often are coupons updated on coupon sites?

Coupons and discount codes are updated daily on the website. For example, 3475 Free Coupon Codes & Discounts were recently added to the site this past week.

How can I find out if a coupon is still valid?

The expiry date of a coupon is usually mentioned beneath each code on the coupon. This is an important piece of information because if you are purchasing something before the expiry date, your coupon will still be valid.

How do coupons work?

Coupons work by giving buyers a discount, usually in the form of a percentage, on what they are buying. They are a type of discount offered by a company to its customers. A coupon may be printed on paper or exist as a digital code.

Can you use discount codes twice?

No, you can't use a discount code twice. Discount codes can be used one time for every single order. Some codes and brands are specific to first-time use. However, with some brands like Daraz, you can collect multiple vouchers and get the highest discounts on your favorite items on specific sale seasons such as the 11.11 sale. Remember the vouchers that are stalkable are the bank discount codes and the store vouchers separately.

Why do voucher codes never work?

The only time a voucher code from won't work is when it's expired! It's not because there are no vouchers, but because of the expiration date. Every voucher has its own validity period which can be from one day to six months or even more. In order to redeem the code, it should be used within this time frame because, after that, they become invalid and won't work anymore. The expiration date of vouchers usually depends on how long the company wants them to last before expiry. So if you have a voucher that has expired then don't forget to use it before its deadline!

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